Youth Ballet Partners

We are always indebted to those who contribute to us on a regular basis. We’re not able to provide the programming that we do without the generous support of individuals and businesses in our community.

Our dance program fees only pay a part of the tuition that we need to cover our instructors, rent, expenses, travel fees and the entrance fees we cover for some of the field trips we offer.

It’s our friends in the community that believe strongly in what we do and the programming that we offer….in ballet and all the other dance disciplines that make such a difference in the quality of instruction and faculty that we offer.  We are located in a community that believes in what we do. Atlanta is a vibrant city with a metro population of over 5 million with diverse interests and talents. Our supporters are from across the city from all walks of life who want to provide quality community education and make it available for all.

Many of our supporters, including have provided years of support not only with in-kind contributions including set builds, props and repairs to our buildings over the years but they also make cash contributions for specific items such as trips or scholarships for students. We appreciate the efforts and thank all of our supporters for their help.

Our Atlanta community is growing and we want to grow our student participation.  This year we had over 200 students participate in a course, a weekend training or attend a field trip. We’d like to double the participation this year and with your help, this will be possible.

City leaders often talk of what leadership is and what we have in our ranks are a true group of leaders who see that enabling children to explore their interests and passions early on, they can begin to discover who they are and what they want to be when they grow up.  Providing opportunities locally, in the Atlanta community, are ways we can provide hands on community leadership that not only teaches skills and inter personal communication but provides a platform through which children can develop skills needed as an adult.

We appreciate our sponsors for that the do to help us in making this contribution to our community and enrich the lives of these children. Each has begun a path of dance training that will build foundational skills in life, from learning to show up on time, to keeping their word to keeping promises and the need to practice to become better.

They are well-served to participate in this training and learn life skills from some of the best dance performers in this industry and attend performances all over the country to learn from some of the best in the ballet arena.