Ballet for the Ages

It’s been a wonderful spring season in the Atlanta ballet arena.  Our youth ballet has been working hard at their practice each day, incorporating many of the movements we learned through the Atlanta Ballet Company and their instructors who taught us over the holiday season.

Several of our children were selected for the tutoring offered by two of the star ballerinas in the Atlanta troop and spent over 10 hours in sessions perfected their steps and adding grace to their movements.

We our proud of our little ballerinas all of whom are participating in the spring performance of Atlanta Flowerbursts.  This ballet is about the growth of seedlings into beautiful flowers all expressed through performances by our girls who range from 4 to 18 years of age.

Our youngest will embodied the seedlings, bringing dance movements to mimic the growth of seeds in the soils to green stems we see bursting through the soil.

Our middle school students are the early flowers, giving life and color to the stems demonstrating the joy of growth and everyday sunshine in their lives.

Our oldest students are the mature flowers, gracing the the garden in a variety of blooms shown through individually crafted ballet movements that each girl orchestrated.

We are delighted to see such joy in the participation each girl has in creating part of the performance and contributing to the design of their costumes.

We look forward to our performance in Atlanta, Georgia later this spring.