Atlanta Youth Dance Programs

Dance programs teach children discipline and the value of hard work.  The parents at our organization are fond of ballet and have created programs that begin at toddler ages so you can start your child early in the fun and learning that comes with these programs.

There are other dance options and a variety of teaching styles so we thought we’d allow our parents to contribute their suggestions for some of the best dance programs they’ve found in Atlanta for youth participation.

The Dancer’s Studio in Alpharetta offers ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance.   Some of their most popular classes are hip hop which is what was in session when we visited.  Not only was the beat fun to move to as we watched from the observation window but to see the dedication and effort these children from 5 to 15 putting into their practice was a joy to watch.

You can see the precision with which they are making the movements and the angst when someone knows they are out of sync.  It is amazing to watch a room of almost 14 students perform the exact same movements with such perfection.   The arm turn and swivel forward was all in sync like the perfect precision of a machine.  Truly talented kids.  And you can see the dedication they’ve put into mastering this dance.

The Metropolitan Ballet Theater is also in Alpharetta, near Johns Creek, and is run by the former prima ballerina of the Atlanta Ballet Maniya Barredo.  She brings the high level expertise and trains dancers whose goal is to become professional. But what we admire most is she emphasizes the importance of schoolwork and ensures her students are in attendance while training with her.

Dan & Company is another option when you want to start dance programs when you’re kids are toddlers.   Located in Dunwoody, he takes children starting at age 3 and offers ballet, jazz and hip hop.  He offers a number of fun programs to introduce students to dance who may not be familiar including dance birthday parties and programs on the weekend.

Your local Y will most likely have some sort of dance program option. Throughout Atlanta, we’ve seen offerings for ballet, jazz, classical, hip hop, salsa and samba.  We are sure you and your children will find options nearby that can open the world of dance for your children.

If there is ambivalence or unfamiliarity, we’d recommend visiting a dance school who will welcome visitors who want to get a sense of their programs and allow a visit.  Or attending a production at one of the local theaters or dance houses may inspire an interest in taking a class if not a life long passion for dance.

We hope that you will explore the many dance options for children in Atlanta.  Our children’s interest in ballet inspired us to start this group and perhaps you too will find a group of children in your neighborhood who share the love of dance as well.  We’ve found that friendships are created both among the children and the parents as we all share our passion for ballet.