Atlanta Ballet The Nutcracker

We are thrilled to announce that all of our students and instructors will be attending Atlanta Ballet’s holiday season performance of The Nutcracker.   A holiday favorite and the longest running production in the history of ballet, it provides magic and excitement for young and old alike.

The beauty and design of the costumes is breathtaking.  Several parents and students viewed the costumes from Ballet West’s production while they were on tour last summer.

The Saturday afternoon performance the second week of December will enable all of our dancers to see what years of hard work and dedication produce in these expert performers.  We want to thank our sponsor for this trip, a house painter in Johns Creek, who doesn’t want his name listed but offered to pay for a few students who otherwise would not be able to attend.

When asked which of the beautiful costumes students were most interested to see, many chose Vespri whose stunning gold and blue tutu is a favorite among many, young and old alike.   We may  see many of these tutus show up for Halloween in our neighborhood based on what the girls are sharing details of their costumes which will be fun for our class party.

Founded in 1929, Atlanta Ballet is the official State Ballet of Georgia.  They nurture young talent and produce spectacular performances every year.

The years of training and honed expertise that will be displayed during the performance will inspire our young students who put many hours a day, even during the busy school year, into practice.  We’ll also have an opportunity to meet with one of the soloists during our visit so the girls can speak with a performer and learn about their growth and development in ballet.

We’ll leave early that Saturday morning for our trip downtown and visit a local neighborhood eatery while there.   We’ll have a chance to meet with the soloist about an hour before the performance.  The girls can spend 10 minutes speaking with the soloist and can ask questions and learn more about how to develop their interest in ballet.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities in which the girls may want to participate and our soloist will mention some of these.   We are planning  a weekend workshop in the spring as part of this volunteer outreach.  More details to come.

The Nutcracker is such a wonderful part of the holiday season and we are thrilled to bring the magic of this production to life for our students.  The costumes alone are a visual delight but as the students are immersed in the story of Marya and her battle with the legendary Nutcracker, the emotions of the struggle will be expressed through the movement and music.  As the story unfolds and Marya enters the world of delights, the girls will be enchanted with the visual effects and outstanding performances.

The costumes and sets alone are worth the trip.  We wish we could visit on stage to look at them up close.  But our seat from the audience will suffice as we will be enchanted with this beautiful holiday performance.

We thank all of our sponsors for their continuing support.   We appreciate your efforts to help us bring dance alive for all children and facilitate their participation in ballet. 

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